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We are so fortunate to collaborate with Ethan Wickman, SOLI Chamber Ensemble, SA Chamber Choir, and Tynan Davis to create “an anthology of cultural perspectives.” We recently reached out to Ethan and asked him some questions about Ballads of the Borderland. His responses are well composed and offer insight as to what it’s like to be at the center of so many moving parts.

Do you have questions about what Ballads of the Borderland will be? Are you curious as to how Ethan will balance all the different performers and ensembles together? Or maybe you’re curious about what the goal of this collaboration is?

Then read his informative interview here:


“No matter where we are from, we all feel a sense of genetic ‘otherness,’ this idea that we have ancestors that at least in part, came from somewhere else—even if that somewhere else is a time where things were very different, and generations had to adapt to a shifting sense of identity and belonging. We’ve all at some point been the traveler, the stranger, the new person.” – Ethan Wickman