Our singers are starting their second week of rehearsals on the upcoming production of Carmen by OPERA San Antonio. We continue our blog series today with our latest ensemble member: Ellie Arguelles!


How do you think this experience will impact you in the future?

I feel like performing in Carmen is going to open new doors for me in the future, and I feel like my performing self will improve. Already, being in Carmen has taught me how to pay more attention to the little details instead of always looking at the big picture. I now see how one piece of the whole can help solve everything.


How does it feel performing on a full fledged opera set?

This is my first time being in an opera. I didn’t know what to expect, since this takes much more time and effort than a two hour practice once a week. But now that we’ve been through a week of rehearsals, I’m very excited about participating in an opera of this scale – and an opera that’s so old!  

What is different about opera rehearsals from CCSA rehearsals?

So far the opera practices have been more focused on our movement than our singing. This is because the directors expect us to work on any little imperfections in the music on our own.


Which part of the opera are you most looking forward to?

I’m not looking forward to a specific part – I’m looking forward to the whole thing! No detail is too small that I don’t get excited about it. I’ve been excited about Carmen since the first practice. Then, ever since we got fitted for costumes, I can’t help but feel even more excited – and I can’t wait to see the stage!

Ellie is a member of CCSA’s Youth Academy Treble ensemble and is in her third season with the organization. She is an eighth grader.

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