Rehearsals are underway for the upcoming production of Carmen by OPERA San Antonio and CCSA singers have been hard at work! Over the next three weeks, you will have the opportunity to meet members of our ensemble through daily interviews wherein they reflect on rehearsals, and the process of preparing for and performing on the H-E-B stage.

Our next singer is Gabriel Eddy!


How does it feel being a part of an opera production of this scale?

It’s very exciting and exhilarating, because there are so many people that you don’t know and get to meet. It’s such an exciting experience to get to work on a piece of this scale that we’ve all heard of for years. It’s amazing to finally get to be a part of it.


How do you think this experience will impact you in the future?

Positively. I get to get a sense of how to do choreography, how to get better at my singing… This experience is going to have a great impact on my musical future. By example, I’m going to be trying out for a musical that a high school near me is putting on. The tryout form asks “what experience do you have”, and now I can add this to the list. So it’s already impacting me now!


How does it feel performing on a full fledged opera set?

Well… It feels very exciting, but at the same time makes me nervous because you don’t really know what’s going to be ‘here’ or when is ‘this thing’ going to happen… You just have to follow the script, what the director says, and go with the flow. You have to be prepared for whatever they throw at you!


What is different about opera rehearsals from CCSA rehearsals?

With opera rehearsals you sometimes have to add things like choreography, or something ‘extra’ because – it’s opera! With regular rehearsals you’re not really moving around. You’re expressing a story, but with a song you can just stand there and look pretty. You don’t have choreography – you don’t have to walk while you’re singing…


Which part of the opera are you most looking forward to?

The costumes. I want to see what the costume designer had in mind. Since all of our chorus is girls, the costumes have to turn us into girls and boys. It’s exciting: will I get a boy or girl’s costume? Will I have to act a certain way if given a certain costume… It all varies depending on what I’m given in this role, and that’s really exciting for me!


Gabriel is a member of CCSA’s Youth Academy Touring ensemble and is in her fifth season with the organization. She is an eighth grader at STEM Academy.