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Carmen ensemble: meet Jacy Highsmith

Our singers have had three great rehearsals on the upcoming production of Carmen by OPERA San Antonio. We continue our blog series today with our latest ensemble member: Jacy Highsmith.


How does it feel being a part of an opera production of this scale?

It’s amazing! It’s breathtaking that I’m working with such amazing people – they’re all really talented.


How do you think this experience will impact you in the future?

It’s going to improve my self confidence – being able to be on stage in an opera in front of so many people does that. Also, this might be something that I would like to do more of. This experience would positively impact me if I decide to do a musical or even opera again!
How does it feel performing on a full fledged opera set?

It’s really cool so far – I love the choreography and everything. When all the costumes and movement is put together it’s going to look so cool!
What is different about opera rehearsals from CCSA rehearsals?

There’s a lot of moving around and action. That makes it a bit harder, but it’s more fun as well because there’s a lot of choreography. It’s not little pieces at a time being practiced to perfection.
Which part of the opera are you most looking forward to?

Our parts, because I think the marching is going to look really cool onstage!

Jacy is in eighth grade, is a member of CCSA’s Youth Academy Treble ensemble and is in her second season with the organization.