Rehearsals have started for the upcoming production of Carmen by OPERA San Antonio and CCSA singers have been hard at work! Over the next three weeks, you will have the opportunity to meet members of our ensemble through daily interviews wherein they reflect on rehearsals, and the process of preparing for and performing on the H-E-B stage. Our first singer is Uriel Eddy!

Are you looking forward to your first production rehearsal tomorrow?

I find that when I am rehearsing for a production, it’s always fun to get on stage because you can better envision the director’s concepts. In our initial rehearsals, we only interacted with those directly around us on our part. At our first production rehearsal, we will begin to work with the other characters and have our first sneak peek of what will happen in performance.

How difficult was it to prepare the French texts?

It could have been more difficult, but I visited France over the summer and had the opportunity to practice a bit before rehearsals began.

How does participating in extra projects such as Carmen and Fantastic Mr. Fox inform your participation in CCSA and other ensembles?

It is a fun thing to do, it helps better train my voice, and it’s also a plus when I am auditioning for other productions to have this experience on my resume.

Would you recommend this experience to others?

With all the rehearsals and performances and spending many hours together with other CCSA singers, we have gotten to know each other really well and become better friends than we would just from weekly rehearsals.

What are you looking forward to seeing tomorrow?

I am looking forward to seeing how the costumes look and the make-up; it gets you more into your character.


Uriel is a member of CCSA’s Youth Academy Touring ensemble and is in her fifth season with the organization. She is a freshman at STEM Academy/Lee High School.