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It’s hard to summarize seven years worth of experiences with the Children’s Chorus of San Antonio if only because it is a journey you don’t realize you have taken until looking back, you see it stretching out behind you and realize that it’s a long way from where you began. My beginning, like everyone else’s, was in the (junior) chorus, and I have to admit, I did not want to be there. To me, it was just one more item on my to-do list. Yet seeing the enthusiasm, the energy, put forth not only by Mrs. McCormick, Mrs. Taute, and our accompanists, but also by the other singers during every rehearsal, turned a weekday chore into a treasured activity. This is what drew me back after leaving for a year. I missed the music, the energy, and the people who shared it all.

Every week for months (our directors) work so that for an hour or two we can help our audience transcend from the mundane to the beautiful. However, choir has never been about the pieces for me. It is the good days and the bad days, the frustration, the triumph, the breath, the effort, the learning, and the joy put into every note scored in our music. That is what the children’s chorus is about to me, not the songs, the music. There have been a million tiny steps on my particular thousand mile journey, but even though the road stretches on further than I can imagine, I will always have a couple of tunes to carry me to the end.