St. Mary’s Hall
College: Carnegie Mellon University
Major: Computer Science/Music
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Inline image 1“My experience in the Children’s Chorus of San Antonio has been wonderful! Since I joined five years ago, I have met so many fantastic people and had a wonderful time singing with all of them. From performances the Children’s Chorus really changed my view on music and its impact on our community and I have adored participating in the choir as it has grown and embraced the growing musical community in San Antonio. Just in the past five years, these experiences have taught me so many different things about music and as a result, I have grown as a musician in ways I could never imagine when I began singing with the chorus. From learning the basics of good singing to working with world-renowned directors, composers, and musicians from all over the country, I have grown immensely as an artist and as a person in general. I have also made wonderful friends while in the choir, most of whom I intend to keep in touch with after I leave. All in all, the Children’s Chorus of San Antonio has really allowed me to grow into a great artist and has become a fantastic foundation for my further studies in music.”
[vcex_divider style=”solid” icon_color=”#000000″ icon_size=”14px” margin_top=”20px” margin_bottom=”20px”]From the Family: “As parent we are often faced with hard choices as many times what is “good for your child” is not always enjoyable. Therefore to find CCSA, and the opportunity for our son to grow as a singer and interact with like-minded peers all within a supportive, nurturing environment was a true blessing. Despite a demanding school schedule our son never wavered from his desire to stay with CCSA. The Peace Corps slogan “the toughest job you will ever love” comes to mind. Our son’s involvement has included rigorous practice and performance demands but the memories, camaraderie and life lesson are rewards that will last a lifetime. Personally, listening to the Chorus is a joy, but the most gratifying experience is witnessing the warmth, smiles, and hugs as the performers intact during practice and performances as it  is evident that  enduring interpersonal bonds have been formed. It is telling that the CCSA schedule is now part of our family’s tradition, as we cannot imagine a Christmas season without a Holiday concert or the end of school year without Spring Song. CCSA will always have a place in our family’s hearts.”