Robert E. Lee High School
College: University of North Texas
Major: Entrepreneurship[vcex_spacing size=”30px”]
Inline image 3“CCSA has taught me five things that I will use for the rest of my life. The first lesson is discipline. Practicing in order to improve your skills and performance for yourself or choir takes a lot of discipline. Second lesson is how to make sacrifices. Being in choir, you learn to make certain sacrifices in order to increase your performance. This may mean small sacrifices such as not being able to watch as much TV or play as many video games. These sacrifices are small, but they are sacrifices nevertheless. Third lesson is how to work hard. In order to become a good singer, constant practice is required. And while practising, one must work hard so they can get the best results. Fourth lesson is how to work as a team. People who sing in a choir learn that the success of the individual is not as important as success of the choir. The fifth lesson is how to lose… Just kidding. There is no losing in choir. You only gain memories that will never be forgotten. Build friendships that will never be broken. And will know every word to” Here’s to Song” for the rest of your life.[vcex_spacing size=”30px”]I’ve been in choir for ten years. And no amount of time has prepared me for the moment when I sing on stage, with some of my closest friends, for one last time. There are not enough thank yous for me to say, I will be grateful all my life. And I will not be saying goodbye CCSA, because it will always be in my heart.”[vcex_divider style=”solid” icon_color=”#000000″ icon_size=”14px” margin_top=”20px” margin_bottom=”20px”]From the Family: “How can I forget your little face when you found out you where auditioning to sing with CCSA. It’s been a good ten years since that moment. CCSA has been a true blessing to our family, not only because of the incredible people we have met but becuse music has affected our family ties in ways that words can’t describe. It has been a blessing seeing how your personality has developed through the sound of music. Thank you, Emily, for filling our home with your beautiful voice for the past ten years and also for setting a good example for your little sister Elizabeth. I am so proud of your dedication and perseverance. May God continue blessing you with the joy of music.”