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(My) 11 years in the choir have been filled with wonderful friendships, top-notch instruction and repertoire, special opportunities to learn from collaborations with professional musicians, and the privilege of bringing music to our community through a great variety of venues. I am forever thankful for my time with CCSA.

As the music got to be more complex and challenging, my enjoyment singing with the CCSA increased in proportion. Also, the caliber of the voices in the groups made the performances sound amazing and I felt satisfied and proud after every single one. Singing with CCSA has made me a great listener, a better performer, and a more accomplished singer.

Being a part of CCSA has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life…The friends I have met, lessons I have learned, and the memories I have made are things I will carry with me for the rest of my life.

Many of my successes, outside of choir, I attribute to the discipline and dedication to detail I learned from (CCSA).

It’s hard to summarize seven years worth of experiences with the Children’s Chorus of San Antonio if only because it is a journey you don’t realize you have taken until looking back, you see it stretching out behind you and realize that it’s a long way from where you began. My beginning, like everyone else’s, was in the (junior) chorus, and I have to admit, I did not want to be there. To me, it was just one more item on my to-do list. Yet seeing the enthusiasm, the energy, put forth not only by Mrs. McCormick, Mrs. Taute, and our accompanists, but also by the other singers during every rehearsal, turned a weekday chore into a treasured activity. This is what drew me back after leaving for a year. I missed the music, the energy, and the people who shared it all.

Every week for months (our directors) work so that for an hour or two we can help our audience transcend from the mundane to the beautiful. However, choir has never been about the pieces for me. It is the good days and the bad days, the frustration, the triumph, the breath, the effort, the learning, and the joy put into every note scored in our music. That is what the children’s chorus is about to me, not the songs, the music. There have been a million tiny steps on my particular thousand mile journey, but even though the road stretches on further than I can imagine, I will always have a couple of tunes to carry me to the end.

My membership in the (CCSA) has… taught me to express my passion for music… It has also taught me things that go far and beyond into the realms of principles and maturity. I have grown in the ethics of responsibility and have learned to be committed to something and strive with all effort to follow and stick to it. It has also helped me to grow independent and learn to handle things on my own accord.

Being a member of the Chorus has been a wonderful experience with many life lessons learned… As I prepare to leave for college… I am able to see just how much CCSA has contributed to my growth not only as a musician, but as a person.

When you’re a child your parents make you do things that they think will be best for you, regardless of your opinion. When older, you do those things of your own free will. And when you grow up, you finish doing those substantial things… The values and work ethic instilled within me over my ten years in CCSA… will further inspire my success in the future.