About Us

Our Mission

The Children’s Chorus of San Antonio (CCSA) is dedicated to enriching and expanding the experiences of young people through choral singing and musical performance. CCSA’s commitment to artistic excellence, social inclusion and individual responsibility empowers young singers to embrace and explore a broader, more positive view of self and the world.

Who We Are

The Children’s Chorus of San Antonio (CCSA) is a community-based musical non-profit organization. Through our specially crafted programming, CCSA continues to cultivate the arts and culture in San Antonio, while transforming the lives of young people through the power of music and friendship. We are shaping San Antonio’s future – one voice at a time.

Repertoire programming by CCSA has traditionally reflected San Antonio’s cultural diversity, drawing from the rich heritage of our many cultures and traditions and engaging with performance partners in informed concerts. Many of our collaborations highlight the history and traditions of our great city.

More recently, CCSA has been an active participant in the San Antonio Tricentennial Celebration including three performances of “Ballads of the Borderland” – based on the complex heritage of the founders and settlers of the South Texas region. This work served as the springboard for a year-long project – the Ballads Education Initiative – capturing and bringing to life the stories of our cities’ families through music and media created by the next generation of cultural guardians – our youth. Students with interests in language, history, music, media and visual art came together in an interdisciplinary format, to weave the cultural fabric of our community into our history.

Our History

Founded in 1983 by Marguerite McCormick, CCSA began as the UTSA Children’s Chorus with only 33 singers in the program. In 1993, CCSA officially became the Children’s Chorus of San Antonio, an independent musical non-profit organization dedicated to providing San Antonio youth with a musical education. Marguerite McCormick served as Artistic Director from CCSA’s founding until 2014.

Dr. Carolyn Cruse joined CCSA as Artistic Director during the 2022-23 season. CCSA’s talented choral directors are also supported by Artistic Advisor, Dr. Gary Mabry.