A simple placement hearing is held for each new singer ages 9+ in order to determine which training ensemble is the best fit. One of our choral directors will meet with each prospective singer and their parent(s) either in-person or over Zoom. The objectives of this meeting are: 1) singers and directors get a head-start on getting to know one another, 2) families have the opportunity to ask questions about CCSA, and 3) singers can be placed in the ensemble that will provide them with the best balance of experiences that both challenge and fulfill them.

In the placement “audition”, you may be asked to sing a familiar tune like “Happy Birthday” or”Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star”. The director will lead each singer through simple pitch and rhythm-matching exercises in a relaxed and informal fashion. Singers do not need to bring a prepared selection; our directors are looking for potential, not perfection. Best of all… you will know your results by the end of your placement hearing.

                                                                                        You can sign-up for a placement appointment below!

Note: Auditions are held either in-person or virtually using Zoom. 

Will your singer be in kindergarten through third grade on September 1st, 2021?

Click the button below to register for our Preparatory choir or Prelude choir! Voice placements are not required to register, but the director will do a vocal evaluation in the Fall right before rehearsals begin.


Will your singer be in 4th through 12th grade on September 1, 2021?

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